Bounty and Full: Kale Mac and Cheese

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing tickles my fancy more than delicious, uber cheesy mac and cheese. And while I thought I had a great stovetop recipe, I recently tried one that blew it out of the water. And it was created by my bestie in my head, Kelis. Yes, Ms. Milkshake herself gets all the way down in the kitchen, culinary school and all. (Hence the title of her latest album, ‘Food’) So I knew I had to give her recipe a shot. And you should too. Check it out!


Now, of course I had to put my twist on it, by adding kale, not only in the actual dish, but on top to give it the perfect crunch!

Total Cost: $16 (not including the truffle oil)

*Cues ‘Bossy’*