Keys to Valentine's Dining Success

Well hello there! I’m so excited to launch Starving on a Budget and even more excited that you chose to join this food journey. Hope you’re ready to learn ways to eat the foods you love without breaking the bank. If you want a more formal intro about the blog, go-ahead and click here. Right now, we’re gonna dive in!


So it’s February. The month of love. You have exactly two weeks to get your shit together. Single people don’t go anywhere. My suggestions can apply to you too! Because there are different levels of relationships, there are different levels of dining. Thus, different amounts of money you or your date will be expected to spend.


First, the causal daters. (This can also apply to homegirls or guys in a bromance) Keep it cheap. Aim for happy hour. Here are a couple places where you can feel semi-fancy. 


Palamino: Don’t let the exterior fool you, they have a great all-day happy hour.  Some of the menu choices include: truffled deviled eggs, Sicilian meatballs, and uber cheap cocktails. 

Oceanaire:  Another place with more than one $ on Yelp with bomb happy hour deals. From truffle fries, to beef brisket sliders, to shrimp and grits, even lobster rolls. You'll be sure to eat good. 

Just remember to sit in the happy hour section! Major key. 


Looking to spend a little more? Take advantage of the V-Day specials. And trust me, it’s not a bad look if you go to the right place. Morton’s is actually offering a steak and lobster dinner for $55 which is a steal. You may want to jump on that! Another idea, going to a restaurant that you and your boo went to on your first date, or just love in general. Thoughtful, yet economical.


Broke? Take your talents to your own kitchen. You’d be amazed at how much you can save from not buying overpriced champagne and tipping. No ideas? My boyfriend and I recently made a lamb dinner  that probably came out to $50 bucks (sides and leftovers included.) If lamb is too pricey, trade it for steak or grilled chicken. Add homemade mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus and you’re good to go. 


However you choose to spend your V-day, just know nothing is sexier than a full stomach, and a fuller wallet.