Lemonade Lessions

Anyone who knows me knows that my obsession with lemonade and Beyonce are one in the same. So when Bey released her 6th album Lemonade, I was beyond stoked. And I thought it'd be cool to make rosemary lemonade cocktails for the pre-concert lituation. 

Now, I had every intention on making it completely from scratch, but time was not on my side. (I Ain't Sorry) BUT it still turned out just as delicious as any homemade recipe. 

Give it a try! 


1 59oz bottle of Simply Lemonade 

1/3 Cup of Rosemary

2 small lemons (sliced)




(Turn on Lemonade)

Pour lemonade and rosemary into large pot. Bring to boil. 

Add lemon slices. (one lemon's worth) Stir on and off for 10-15 minutes. 

Strain concoction into a container (I used the empty Simply bottle)

Stick container in freezer for 1-1 1/2 hours (until chilled)

Get your glasses out. Pour vodka (I used Deep Eddy) over ice. Add lemonade and stir. 

Hold Up, add lemon slices for garnish. 

Don't Hurt Yourself!