Meatless Zucchini and Kale Lasagna

So it sounds crazy, but meatless lasagna is a thing, and it’s actually really good and easy to make! Most importantly, it doesn’t kill your wallet. Wanna give it a try?




Whole Wheat Lasagna Pasta

Spaghetti Sauce (2 jars) I like Newman’s tomato and basil

Sliced Zucchini Squash(2-3)  Feel free to use crookneck squash too!

About 2 cups of chopped kale


Mozzarella Cheese

Chopped garlic

Chopped Red onion



Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

In a pan (glass or non-stick) begin layering your ingredients in this order: lasagna pasta, spaghetti sauce, zucchini squash, sprinkle of kale, ricotta, mozzarella. Do the same for the second layer. This time sprinkle some of the garlic and onion for a kick of flavor. (Feel free to throw in a sprinkle of seasoning salt and black pepper but don’t overdo it.)



The last layer is crucial. Only add the lasagna pasta and spaghetti sauce. Finally, place in oven for 40-45 min. Take out your lasagna, decrease the oven temp to 350 degrees and add a little more spaghetti sauce, a sprinkle of kale and mozzarella. I do this last so it doesn’t burn. Place bake in the oven. 10-15 minutes later take it out, let it cool and enjoy!

Serves about 6.

Total cost: $15-20.


Kale Yeah!