Saucin' on you

While everyone is shocked that Kelis has never made a milkshake, I'm still in shock that I was able to meet her, let alone try her food! Yep, I’ve posted about her yummy dishes before, but over the weekend I had the pleasure of trying them first hand, at her Central Market cooking demo. Now I have to admit, I did fan out initially, but after a few minutes I finally got  to the nitty gritty and asked Mrs. Rogers about the her main squeeze, her sauces! 

If you didn't know, Kelis Rogers is a certified chef and saucier. And her line of sauces, Bounty and Full, has a pretty nice selection. The two I tried and eventually  went home with were the Ginger Sesame Glaze and the Pineapple Saffron Glaze. Once home, I used the sauces to bring my kale salad and grilled salmon to life!


I diluted a couple of tablespoons of the Ginger Sesame Glaze with water and used it as my salad dressing. As for the salmon, I seasoned it as a normally do, with black seasoning salt, and extra pepper -- and went on to add very light coat of the Pineapple Saffron Glaze. I let the salmon sit for 5 minutes before throwing it on the George Forman grill. 


The best part of the whole experience, is that it only cost me $10. So look out for Kelis,  she may be coming to a city near you and you can take advantage of her 2 for $10 deal. If not, you can find her goodies here, where they're going for $6.99 -- which is still a steal if you ask me.